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Quote Adapted from Anne-Marie Bonneau 

Public Figure seeks to reflect a perfectly imperfect approach to sustainable living. We like to think of ourselves as providers of honest luxury - sourcing considered wares to promote a sense of quality investment. With ‘sustainability’ being the phrase du jour at the moment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to live a perfectly eco-friendly lifestyle particularly when it comes to the products we bring into our home.

The face is that today we are faced with infinite choices and information. It’s not hard to fall down a rabbit hole of studies that leave you feeling as though there is no ‘right’ way to live as a modern citizen without harming the environment. Although we are increasingly aware, we are also increasingly confused and intimidated about making so-called perfect choices.

At Public Figure our ethos is that living sustainably isn’t an all or nothing approach. Just like a bad fad diet, going 110% isn’t realistic for the everyday person. However what is achievable is implementing small changes and making a conscious effort to spend on well made, long lasting items. If more of our homes and wardrobes were filled with items that were well loved and with us for many years rather than cheap, poor quality and disposable things we will see a change. Not only will we reduce our contribution to the world’s waste but also reduce the demand for resources and poor practises required to constantly produce for a throwaway society.


Whilst we can’t strive to be perfect, we can strive to do better. The real shift starts in making small conscious choices that add together to lead a bigger change. Making every purchase a choice to support responsible brands, eco friendly materials and items that last is something that we all have the power to do.

Don’t hide from imperfection, but strive to live honestly.

Words by Jessica Eva for Public Figure

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