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Our Purpose

We wholeheartedly support sustainability and innovation. We recognize that the traditional fashion industry model has placed a strain on our earth, its inhabitants and resources, therefore we aim to support those that are re-writing business and manufacturing constructs in order to find a better way for the future.

Our Pillars

Our values are built on three pilars - The Planet, The People & The Public.

The Planet

Public Figure recognises the impact our industry has had on the people and the world around us. Traditional manufacturing methods and fast fashion have taken a toll on the environment through over production, water wastage and harmful chemicals. However it doesn't have to be that way.

We partner with forward thinking designers and manufacturers have pioneered methods, fabrics and business models that aim to reduce the impact on our earth. Our brands honour their imperfections and are working towards a better, cleaner future.

The People

It was through our founder, Bella’s experience working with large e-commerce retailers that she became passionate about standing up for the working conditions of the people within the industry supply chain.We only work with brands that can verify or are working towards best practises throughout their manufacturing process, ensuring that they are closely connected to where their product is made and the working conditions.

The Public

We make a conscious effort to partner with brands with intention for our future.We selectively support labels that not only create well made products but also invest in social and environmental issues.It is important to us that our brands are mindful of their impact on the world and make an effort to give back to the environment or local communities.


Autark are proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by donating 5% of their profits.


With the host of causes Lacausa supports it comes at no surprise their name's literal translation is 'The Cause'. Each year they partner with multiple deserving local charities

St Rose

Fostering a meaningful relationship with the Martu Indigenous community cultivating their sustainable sandalwood. They are honoured to have 50/50 business partnership with and even named their Desert Nomad in honour of their community.

Van Der Kooij

For every product created by Van Der Kooij they plant a tree to give back to the earth. Their latest crop were planted in the WA Western

Zulu & Zephyr

Zulu & Zephyr are dedicated to supporting charitable causes close to their hearts. Some of the charitable causes they have contributed to include Jeans for Genes Day, Make A Wish Foundation, Alannah and Madeleine Foundation as well as humanitarian donations to Syria and the NSWRFS bushfire relief