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Knitwear is the mainstay of our winter wardrobes. Chunky or fine - we love knits for their resilience and natural origins. Giving your knitwear the care and attention it needs will ensure their longevity for years to come in pristine condition. 

How to wash

Each knitted garment will have a different composition and fibres treated in a different way. Therefore you should follow the specific instructions on the care tag to direct you to either hand-washing or gentle machine washing. Always wash with like colours to prevent any accidental colour changes.
Woollen knits are known to be antibacterial and antimicrobial - so you wont need to wash it every wear. Generally less is more to care for wool. When you are washing it’s best to use a gentle eco friendly wool specific detergent. Our favourite is the Mrs Brown Eucalyptus Wool & Cashmere wash.  If your knit needs a little freshen up between wears try giving it a light steam.  

How to dry

After machine or hand washing lie your knit on a flat surface over a clean towel and gently pull the garment back into shape. Never wring or hang to dry. 

How to store

Resist the temptation to hang your knits - even if it’s a knitted dress as their shape can distort. Ensure they are completely dried and fold in a dry dark space.

How to deal with pilling

Pilling is not a sign of poor quality. It is a natural occurrence for natural fibres in areas where rubbing occurs. All hope is not lost - simply fixed by using a sweater stone or comb.
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