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Silk is a luxurious and timelessly elegant fabric that will elevate any wardrobe staple. Lightweight and breathable, this beautiful natural fibre has an eye-catching shine and fluid drape. Silk is a year-round appropriate fabric, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Using natural fibres ensures both comfort for the wearer's skin and reduces the devastating impact of synthetic microfibers when laundering. Our brands consider their choice of fabrics with both environmental kindness and luxurious handfeel and texture in mind.

Silk can be mixed with other natural fibres to achieve a more structured or sheer finish. Palma Martin uses a premium blend of linen and silk for voluminous detailing and tailored pleats. Van Der Kooij’s beautifully lustrous silk dupion is lightly slubbed – a technique that requires less processing. Autark’s light blend of cotton, silk and hemp is a durable and soft mix – making your item extremely wearable and long lasting.

While silk is a renewable resource and biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle, we recognise that silk isn’t perfect. When done well, silk manufacturing can be a harmonious and low waste process. It is also possible to find ethical alternatives to the silk-making process.

Where possible our brands research and utilise the highest form of sustainable fabrics to ensure the fabrics they use aren’t harmful to the earth, or to those handling the fabrics along the production line. At its core, fashion will never be perfectly sustainable. But our brands honour their imperfections and are working towards a better, cleaner future.

Which silk pieces will become your everyday or event staples? 

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