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Words by Jessica Eva

The sun has officially entered the season of Taurus, calling in a much needed sense of ease. From the 22nd of April to the 21st of May a shift can be felt from Aries’ ‘do it all’ nature, to the slow burning energy of Taurus. Calm, deliberate and considered, Taureans are known for approaching life one step at a time and appreciating life’s simple pleasures along the way. There couldn’t be a better time to reset the pace you’re running at and focus on the things that simply make you feel good. Low-key is the new scene.

Taurus is led by the bull, signifying strength and unwavering focus, but on the flipside it is widely known that this Venus-lead sign is attracted to the finer things - pleasurable pursuits, quality and understated luxury. Tasteful Taureans relate to the world via the physical senses, deriving contentment from the uncomplicated beauty of a tender embrace, a sweet fragrance or beautiful sight. They might appear to be dominated by the bull’s persistence but underneath, their hearts hold a place for these simple delights.

As an earth sign their approach to anything is steady and focused, someone who will quietly work to achieve what needs to be done. Practical and methodical minds, they’ll bring a grounding force to any relationship or project they set their focus to. Always acting with a sure sense of direction, Taureans make steady leaders and aren’t easily carried away by abstract ideas or fleeting influences. The dark side of this nature can lead them to be deeply stubborn characters - the symbol of the bull rearing its head in full force… and in most cases, grappling with the bull’s horns is not worth the struggle.

For the rest of us, Taurus season will influence a feeling of calmness that is much needed amongst the present unrest. Now is a great time to adopt their deep focus and considered approach, prioritizing the best use of your time and dedicating it to completing any ongoing projects you might have underway. The present energy calls for resolutions, rather than pursuing new ideas. Whether your ‘project’ relates to relationships, desires or goals, it’s time to double down on the area you deem to be most important and consider it deeply. Be careful not to rush the process, be mindful of any action that you take and eventually you will bask in the humble glow of a glorious outcome.

You might feel a balance of this hardworking energy with the desire to chill out, drawing you to master the art of simply being. Taurus season is certainly an invitation to slow down and see life’s pleasures from their eyes - opening yours to the luxuries (big and small) of the physical world. If you’re someone who is naturally inclined to let their head lead, this is an opportunity to open your heart to embrace your sensual side. For you that might mean your down time is focused on romance or on your relationship with yourself, there is just as much pleasure to be derived from investing in your love life as there is in acts of self-love - a hot bath, lighting a luxe candle or soaking up a delicious sunny afternoon. Either way Taurus season will bring you back to earth to focus on the joys that are right in front of you.


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