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Pisces Season

Pisces Season

By Jess Eva

Get ready to dream darling. From February 19 to March 20 Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac is in season and it is here to evoke your most visionary and emotive self.

A water sign with an easy going, free-flowing nature, Pisceans are highly emotional beings. Known to feel things deeply, this is a sign truly led by the heart. Dreaming is their way to channel this empathic nature making them the true artists of the zodiac.

As Pisces moves into focus all signs will be feeling the heart start to override the head. Now is the time to let your mind wander guided by your deepest desires. All will benefit from taking time to connect with one’s true self by indulging your artistic side. Escape into your favourite creative pursuit, whether it is making something beautiful, writing your thoughts or listening to music that connects with you. The inspiration you cultivate through creativity might not present its purpose immediately but will play a part in shaping future ideas.

Pisces season is all about dreaming then doing. Once you are in tune with your inner creator start building the dream of what your ideal life would look like. Visualise your best daily routine or work situation and focus on cultivating connections within your relationships. For Pisceans themselves, Venus, the planet of love and money is in Aries encouraging you to go after what (and who) you want in your life.

While you connect with the feeling of being in flow and be mindful of the fact that this is not an ideal time for forcing meticulous plans or negotiations. Let’s not forget Mercury in retrograde until March 10 will always cause a little disruption to our best laid plans and communication systems. Let intuition lead you through this season, trust in your emotions and be receptive to those of the people around you. For fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio allowing this to guide you will be easy, however for mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius this may require steadier intention.

Pisces season will always encourage you to embrace your emotional side. So for the next month don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, dream your wildest dreams and connect with your most empathic self.

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