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Jessica Eva for Public Figure

After a month embracing the sensual and grounded nature of Taurus season, making ‘self’ the priority we’re about to see energies shift to an outwardly focus. From May 22nd the universe calls in Gemini season, the first air sign of the zodiac year, inviting us to get social.

With more free flowing energy about you’ll feel called to explore thoughts, feelings, relationships and nature with Gemini’s chatty, inquisitive spirit. With the present circumstances some might initially feel stifled amongst this universal uplift but there is no better time for us to take cues from this communication led sign and find innovative ways to connect with our nearest and dearest.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of connection and communication Gemini’s are that person in the room – full of energy, chatty and expressive. They thrive on ideas and conversation and whilst their reputation as an air sign can have one fooled into thinking they are a little bit of an ‘airhead’, it’s the total opposite.

Gemini’s minds are often so buzzing with ideas and inspiration that they can’t possibly convey them all, leaving you feeling swept up in the whirlwind of their presence and dazzled by just a glimpse of their insights.This duality is in their nature, hence the symbol of the twins. True in the respect that their overflow of thoughts can also on occasion invite the perception of being two-faced or hypocritical. More often than not this is purely unintentional, they have simply changed their minds quicker than you can keep up with. This symbol of the twins also alludes to their adaptability, Gemini’s are powerfully contrasting creatures sometimes it will seem as though they embody multiple personalities. Equally as comfortable favouring their intellectual side, keenly observing and analysing the world around them yet you might also find them later the centre of the social scene, bubbling with energy and chatting endlessly about life’s frivolities.

If there’s one thing for all of us to tap into this Gemini season – it’s this refusal to believe you can only act one way. Embrace all sides of yourself, the contrasts and contradictions. Gemini season will lead all to crave high vibing interactions although with social distancing still a public priority, this might manifest feelings of restlessness in some. The challenge will be satisfying the need for connection by thinking creatively and not allowing the frustration of limitations take hold. Yes, this season has a big focus on socializing but also on idea generation, study and cultivating inspiration.

A time known for uncovering wisdom that can lead to evolution on small and grand scales. Indulge your curious side and use these ideas as a vessel to connect with others through sharing discoveries and deep, soulful discussion.

One small thing to be wary of is falling into the trap of Gemini’s fleeting nature. It’s not unusual during this time to get swept up in the flow and become scattered in mind as your attention is diverted by an abundance of thoughts.

Be sure to carefully schedule these moments of connection, you may find yourself double booking yourself or unable to maintain steady focus. On the flip side sometimes this is a lesson we all need to learn, to simply get lost in the moment, step away from calculated plans and focus on true connection.

Gemini season this year may feel contrasting to this moment in time however in some ways it’s never felt more apt to emphasise the importance of communication and seeking opportunities to form stronger bonds and deeper relationships with those around us.

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