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By Jess Eva

Following on from Sagittarius’ season of exploration comes Capricorn, a grounding energy to bring you down to earth and pave the way into the new decade. From December 21 to January 20 a dedicated vibe takes hold – how very appropriate for the turn of the year. The motivational boost of Capricorn will harness the energetic lift felt in Sagittarius season and cast a more practical spell over you, boosting your drive to put plans into place for new starts and projects.


An earth sign, Capricorn is known to be the reliable one of the zodiac. Don’t be fooled into thinking this makes them the most ‘vanilla’ sign, on the contrary their realistic and hardworking nature gives them intense focus and drive to reaching whatever version of success they most desire. This is all thanks to Saturn- the planet of structure, limits and authority which grounds those born at the end of the year with a very straightforward approach to life. Capricorns will often be the ones focused on what’s ahead, and will take the necessary steps to get them to where they need to be.


In contrast to their straight line approach to life is a sensual side, one that craves lust and is deeply attuned to their desires. They are one to be confident in their longings but this is somewhat harnessed by their sense of discipline so as to not let them overpower them and derail them off the path they choose to travel.


All signs of the zodiac will feel the influence of Capricorn season, inviting a re-examining of all aspects of your life and taking the Cap’s lead as far as practical planning to put idea into action. Whether it is career, family, relationships, health or your life goals, the tone is set to progress and you’re feeling the motivation to put in the hard work to make changes or get new ideas off the ground. Fellow earth signs – Taurus and Virgo who are normally attuned to thinking like a Capricorn will also be feeling this focus the most intensely of all. However those who don’t normally think in such practical terms may find themselves being seduced by ambition more than usual, perhaps even chasing more material success than you have in the past …. (your New Year’s resolution list will likely be the best indicator for this!).


This Capricorn season also brings two eclipses. The first – a solar eclipse that was felt on December 25th is said to have revealed home truths. Sun eclipses have a tendency to highlight areas of our lives that we haven’t been brave enough to face and shine a light (pun intended) on the missing pieces. So this may have sparked thoughts of those areas of your day to day and relationships that you are wanting to set new goals around. The next eclipse will follow on January 10th, a full moon lunar eclipse that is set to arise emotion and challenge if we have addressed the goals we had in our sights. This feeling of stickiness is a make or break, we’ve seen the motivation towards the beginning of the season, now comes the challenge to see if we can really see plans through.


So as we face our calendars flipping into a new decade, harness your inner planner a-la your Capricorn friends and get to work examining what you really want in all areas of your life. Do whatever ignites your most inspired and motivated side to reach your wildest dreams in the earliest stages 2020. 

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