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What is Honest Luxury?

Public Figure is here to elevate labels who are working towards positive change in the fashion industry. We represent an honest approach to sustainability, curating mindful brands and sharing their stories to inspire conversation about conscious fashion.

Public Figure is a platform to tell stories, inspire and start a conversation about the intersection of personal style and sustainability.  


We wholeheartedly support sustainability and innovation. We recognize that the traditional fashion industry model has placed a strain on our earth and its resources, therefore we aim to support those that are re-writing business and manufacturing constructs in order to find a better way for the future. We intend to set a new example for the industry by bringing together brands that are championing this change.



A curation of considered luxury goods for the modern woman’s wardrobe. Enter a world that honours well made wares and celebrates personal style.

 Public Figure is home to fashion and lifestyle essentials that are design lead and of the finest quality. Most importantly they are made mindfully – with consideration for people and our planet. These are pieces made with intention and destined to become pillars of your everyday wardrobe for many years to come.