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We make a conscious effort to partner with brands with intention for our future.

We selectively support labels that not only create well made products but also invest in social and environmental issues. It is important to us that our brands are mindful of their impact on the world and make an effort to give back to the environment or local communities.
SHOP LACAUSA AT PUBLIC FIGURE With the host of causes Lacausa supports it comes at no surprise their name's literal translation is 'The Cause'. Their small LA based team has shown ongoing dedication to social and environmental causes. Read more about their hard work here

For every product created by Van Der Kooij they plant a tree to give back to the earth. Their latest crop were planted in the WA Western Wheatbelt in 2019. 

shop velvet canyon at public figure

Positive change is the driving force behind Velvet Canyon – socially and environmentally. 1% of the sales of their eco-creations are donated to deserving causes. At present they support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Australia. 

Shop Young Frankk at public figure

With the generous support of their vast community around the world, Young Frankk has been a voice for minorities and contributor to non-profits. Read more about their hard work here.

shop worn store at public figure

Partnering with both Trees4Trees and Greenfleet, Worn are dedicated to monitoring and tracking their carbon offsets while giving back to the part. Read more about their hard work here