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Public Figure Ethical Manufacturing Sustainable value

 It was through our founder, Bella’s experience working with large e-commerce retailers that she became passionate about standing up for the working conditions of the people within the industry supply chain. We only work with brands that can verify best practises throughout their manufacturing process, ensuring that they are closely connected to where their product is made and the working conditions.

Above is a picture of Autark's studio in Adelaide, Australia. Just as it should be their makers are paid a living wage, work in clean and safe conditions with reasonable hours. 

TRANSPARENCY We believe you have the right to know who is making your clothes and the conditions they create. Our brands have personal contact with the producers of their garments and oversee a fair and safe environment.
MADE IN AUSTRALIA & NZ Although it incurs higher costs, producing fashion and textiles locally bolsters our Australian and New Zealand manufacturing industries. It has the added benefit of reducing shipping carbon emissions, ensuring high occupational health and safety standards and a high minimum wage.


According to the Global Estimates of Modern Slavery more than 40 million people are experiencing modern slavery  16 million are subjected to forced labour in the private economy. From farming to manufacturing, whole supply chains can be enslaving women and children in developing countries. The recently ratified Modern Slavery Act aims to hold businesses accountable for their supply chains. It makes mandatory reporting on areas of entity structure, modern slavery risks, policies & processes to address risk, and due diligence processes. 


Many sustainable brands work with artisans in developing nations to ensure their craft and skill is preserved. Honouring the work of the entire supply chain, a Fair Trade certification ensures the safe working conditions and equitable trade terms for farmers and workers in developing nations. Fair Trade also facilitates relationships between small scale farmers, workers and international companies.
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