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2021 goal: shop local and support homegrown designers

At Public Figure we love to support locally made apparel and accessories. We strive to educate our community on the importance of mindfully investing and consciously consuming. Making considered local purchases can have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. 

Manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand supports local suppliers, pattern makers, machinists and manufacturers. Our selection of brands at Public Figure work to uplift our local industries and use local resources sustainably while maintaining impeccable quality. 

Reduces your carbon footprint

Locally made clothes require less distance to travel, therefore reducing the carbon emissions produced during transportation from designer, to Public Figure, to you. By making a purchase at Public Figure you're contributing to bettering the world around us - love that for you!

Supports the local economy

By shopping locally, you are directly contributing to your local community. Your money is going straight into your community and in turn helping it thrive economically. At Public Figure we stock other local designers to support the local economic cycle.

Encourages positive environmental and social change

Shopping local means nurturing homegrown businesses that use local resources sustainably and employ local workers in safe and healthy conditions for a fair living wage. It means uplifting local artisans and manufactures to ensure quality, skill preservation and self-sufficient production away from depending on imports.  

Honest Luxury

Encourages considered purchases

Shopping locally encourages a slower, more considered approach to consumption, by altering your purchasing decisions to reflect not only price and quality but the social and environmental impact of products. In a movement away from mindless consumption, shopping locally helps consumers eliminate impulse buys and opt for local brands and products that create a positive impact.

Creates local jobs

By shopping locally, you are helping the local economy by creating more jobs. The more we support small businesses, the more jobs will be created and the better off our local communities will be.

Supports local charities

We selectively support labels that not only create quality products but also invest in social and environmental issues. It is important to us that our brands are mindful of their impact on the world and make an effort to give back to the environmental or local communities. By shopping locally, your purchase will most likely support a local not-for-profit or charity relevant to that area.

It's more personal

Shopping locally enables a personal approach to buying. At Public Figure, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with our local brands. We love to share our deep understanding of our brands values and behind-the-scenes stories with our PF community. The personal touch you receive from local businesses cannot be matched by a large chain. 


Encourages innovation

A marketplace of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and diversity in the local economy. Local businesses are also usually hubs of creativity and innovation; the very fact they exist is down to the idea from an individual or multiple people. Our local designers at Public Figure are constantly innovating in the space of sustainable fashion and we love to support their efforts towards a better future and more mindful industry.

Promotes individuality

Local designers and brands bring some much-needed originality in an oversaturated market of fast fashion. Shopping locally promotes individuality and refreshes communities that are dominated by generic and commercialised companies. With many local designers producing small, exclusive runs you are more likely to be purchasing a limited or one-of-a-kind piece.

Harris Tapper

You matter more

Your values and desires are much more influential to a local business or designer. By voting with your wallet, your purchasing choices exert influence on what styles are produced and reordered or even to the extent of what internal business changes are made. 


Make it your 2021 goal to support more local brands. Encourage the growth and sustainability of your local community! 


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