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What a year 2020 has been! Our Public Figure community has grown in more ways than we could have ever imagined. We've all endured the crazy ride that was this year but the one thing that has not changed is the amazing support and fierce loyalty we have received from our Public Figure community.


As we reflect on this year and prepare for a new chapter in 2021, we asked our valued Public Figure community their resolutions for the new year.

Bianca Gregg 
Del Rainbow Founder & Co-Director


My goals for Del Rainbow all surround the notion of creating. Creating such strong foundations and intentions entering the year, so our team can flourish throughout 2021. Creating five key events for Del Rainbow Store to bring together our community. Creating more growth within our virtual platform and taking this to the next level. Creating key opportunities worldwide and what that looks like in 2021, providing something to look forward to every quarter for our brands and team. It seems as though 2020 was such a hard and fast roller-coaster ride, we now have some time to slow down before the new year and recalibrate right before the next ride, we now know the dips and turns and can really see the joy within this. We have strong goals to continue the growth within the business and will be looking to make Del Rainbow a full servicing sphere with a few extra developments in the works. A key goal is to build in team spiritual growth workshops, so we can deliver our best selves throughout the next year and continue to grow together strongly.

Sophia McMahon
Autark Designer & Director


My most important resolution is to show kindness to myself - to try to treat myself as I would my best friend. I’d like to be patient with myself, to spend time with myself, to encourage curiosity and to forgive myself. I’d like to show myself a little more love and attention in the form of self care, and to be mindful and in the moment. And I want to extend that sentiment my work for Autark, and to my nearest and dearest too. And finally, to eat more cake.

Palmina Martin
Palma Martin Creative Director


keep - care - treasure

At PALMA MARTÎN we want to continue to inspire people to buy what they love, something they will want to keep and hold onto. By offering uniquely playful pieces, in high quality natural fabrics we aim to bring the joy of dressing back for 2021.

Sarah Harris Gould & Lauren Tapper
Harris Tapper Co-Founders & Directors


We have big goals for Harris Tapper in 2021 but at the core we are about championing female independence, designing for women with a strong sense of self, who live multi-faceted lives. We want to continue to stay true to this as we grow our business and expand into other parts of the world. We have evolved a lot from a design point of view and this evolution feels more authentic to us. We want to collaborate more with individuals and business that aligns with our core values. Both personally and professionally we have learnt how to be resilient and we intend to carry this on through into next year.

Kaitlyn Bošnjak
Photographer @justfilm_


In the New Year I'd really love to travel more, and get out of Sydney to shoot beautiful campaign imagery. Travelling for work has always been on my to do list, so hopefully 2021 will be the year for that! So many incredible things have already happened since becoming a freelance photographer, and I am really thankful for the people I have met, and the relationships I've built. I'd also hope that's something I am able to continue to do throughout the New Year, so I am really excited to see what happens next!

Erika Toscano
Ziah Founder & Creative Director


We will become more inclusive in our sizes offering. We want women of various sizes to find their favourite Ziah piece and feel comfortable wearing it. We are really proud to be working with biodegradable fabrications and we are excited to increase our offering. We are looking into partnering with an organisation that offsets our Carbon emissions. Also, we will continue to do our best to create authentic and timeless designs for our beloved customers.

Natasha Veenhuizen
Van Der Kooij Designer & Director


After the year we've all had, it's good to be able to create positive plans and directions for the coming year. On a larger scale, our hopes are for the world to overcome this pandemic that has affected every single person in some way shape or form. I hope that we can all continue moving forward and start to come out of this altered reality, whilst learning from this experience and growing from it. On a micro level, our resolution is to stop and really appreciate the small wins - as an emerging designer that wears many hats, it’s easy to brush past some of the incredible achievements. There is always something that needs to get done or a little hiccup that needs resolving, however, by not appreciating the wins and really absorbing them it can skew your perception of how far you have come, which can undervalue all the hard work and effort it has taken to get there. So, 2021 will be about slowing down a little to stop and acknowledge all the wins, big and small.

And a little something from our very own Public Figure Founder & Director...

Bella Zito
Public Figure Director

Each December I look back on the year that been and start to plan for the year to come. This year is extra special. Public Figure has come such a long way in the last 365 days. Like most small businesses we have overcome all the hurdles 2020 brought us. Public Figure is now 1 year old, for the next year we wanting to grow our exclusive product lines further (watch this space for our next zodiac collaboration) and host Pop Up Shops in Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane. We are also working on becoming a certified B Corporation and taking our sustainable commitments to the next level.

Personally, I’d love to work on work life balance and learn to log off each night. After a year dedicating my time to launching and growing Public Figure, I would also like to dedicate time to volunteer again.


We wish you all a wonderful and safe New Years enjoyed with family and friends!
PF x

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