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Jewellery is an everyday accessory here at Public Figure. We love elevating any simple outfit with the addition of a chunky chain necklace, dainty earrings or stackable ring. When it comes to building a lasting jewellery collection, taking proper care of your jewellery can help ensure its longevity and condition for years to come. In caring for your jewellery, it’s important to understand that precious metals and stones need to be carefully handled and maintained to uphold their colour and lustre.

How to wear 

We all have those pieces in our jewellery collection that we wear day in and day out. Whether it’s been a long day at work or a late night out, at some point we’ve all been too lazy or forgetful to take proper care of our beloved everyday pieces. Getting into the routine of taking off your jewellery before hoping into the shower or going to bed is a good habit to keep. 

Layering Jewellery

With the rise of layered and stacked jewellery comes the need to consider maintaining the longevity of your pieces. When mixing different metals with fashion jewellery, it is important to be cautious of direct contact as it can cause finer jewellery to rub and wear at a faster rate. If you’re jumping on the layered chains trend, it’s best to choose necklaces of the same materials to extend the life of your jewellery.


It’s recommended to remove chains and statement earrings when sleeping as they are at risk of tangling, stretching and warping. If your rings have a high profile they can get caught or bent during sleep. However, stud earrings and low profile rings such as simple metal bands can be slept in as they aren’t at risk of catching.

Showering, Swimming & Exercising

Wearing solid gold jewellery in the shower will not harm the metal itself, however it can reduce the shine. Hot water can also negatively impact some gemstones. It is best to remove any gold plated jewellery before showering or working out, as water and sweat can eventually cause the gold layer to wear off completely. Solid gold, sterling silver and platinum jewellery are safe to wear while exercising provided there isn’t a risk of catching or pulling.

How to store

An organised and safe storage space is important for the upkeep of your jewellery. Stackable jewellery trays are our top tip for organising your collection for safe keeping and ultimate wardrobe functionality. A practical storage solution will reduce the time it takes to select your jewellery in the morning and keep matching sets and pairs of earrings together. Ensure that all chains are individually stored to avoid scratching, tangling and knotting.

How to clean

In the warmer summer months Flash Jewellery recommends storing your jewellery out and away from the pouch to ensure airflow. Store your pieces in a bowl, or in the box with the lid off to avoid the oxidisation process. Clean gold vermeil items with a soft cloth and never use silver polish or metal cleaners. Sterling silver jewellery is best cleaned with a professional product, follow the manufacturer instructions carefully. Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove body oils or dirt before storing and keep away from objects that may scratch the surface.

Your Natalie Marie Jewellery pieces can be cleaned with a polishing cloth. You might notice that sterling silver and some 9ct golds can oxidise when unworn for long periods of time and will require polishing to return to their original colours.

Any jewellery with stones requires extra care. Stone pieces can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. You can check the tightness of stones by gently tapping the surface of the stone with your fingertip and watching for any movement or listening for any clicking. If you suspect a stone is loose, refrain from wearing it until it can be professionally checked.

Young Frankk’s gold plated pieces are plated in a thicker plating than the industry standard over brass and finished off with a coating for anti-tarnish and extended wear. However, care should be taken when wearing or cleaning your plated jewellery as it can wear off slightly overtime especially with heavy use. To keep your gold plated pieces looking their best, Young Frankk recommend gently cleaning with a damp soft cotton cloth after every wear. Jewellery cleaner and polishing cloths are not recommended to be used on gold plated jewellery.

What to avoid

It’s always best to avoid any contact with lotions, perfumes and hairspray, particularly when wearing plated jewellery. Protecting your jewellery from sharp blows, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and rough surfaces is also important for maintaining longevity.



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