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With summer rolling around again, we are pulling out our Zodiac towels and preparing for the beach. 

This collaboration is so close to our hearts - being a labour of love between our founder Bella Zito & her long time friend and artist Anisah Nasir. 

We spoke to the duo about their conscious creation a year after Public Figure's launch, as the announce the conclusion of this exclusive collaboration. 

PUBLIC FIGURE: Firstly - What are your star signs? 

BELLA ZITO: Aquarius 


PF: How did you two meet?

BZ: We met through mutual friends at 18 and immediately clicked. Even after I moved to Sydney we stayed close and ever since she’s been the little sister I’ve never had. 

PF: How did you come up with the idea of the towels?

BZ: I knew I wanted to create something exclusive for Public Figure that showed our customer who we are. I immediately thought of collaborating with Anisah as I knew she’d already be part of my business in some way. Beach towels are not a saturated market and we love horoscopes so it was an easy choice for us. 

PF: How did you collaborate living on opposite sides of the country? 

AN: It was such a personal journey for both of us. The stakes were high. So we chose to meet in one of our favourite towns Byron Bay and focus on them for two weeks to make sure they are something we both love.  

BZ: We brought really different skill sets to the project so after those two weeks solidifying the concept we went our separate ways and Anisah perfected the artwork and I worked on finding the perfect fabric. We worked well together because we both had free reign of different areas. 

PF: Bella what made you choose Anisah to collaborate with?

BZ:  I wouldn’t say I’m super into art - but I know what I like. A large hand drawn nude of Anisah’s hangs in my kitchen and is the only piece of art I’ve ever bought. I get so many compliments on it for its beautiful detailing. It’s like nothing anyone has seen before. I also wanted to give back to a friend who’s always supported me in everything I do. 



PF: How did you come up with the artwork for each sign?

AN: It was a simple process of studying the both the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign to understand them individually. For each sign I depicted those traits through shadows and curves on the body to position each woman to reflect their sign.

PF: Which are your favourite pieces of art?

BZ: All of them of course. But specifically Taurus, Leo & Scorpio. When I look at those towels the traits of those signs shine through so brightly. 

AN: Cancer definitely. 

PF: Why have you decided to not remake the towels again? 

BZ: This project has such a soft spot in my heart. But all good things must come to an end. We have decided to focus on new projects in the future. But don’t worry you’ll love our next creation just as much!

PF: Pinch me moments since Public Figure launched? 

BZ: this is a hard one. I feel like every week something new amazing happens that makes me so grateful for everything. The biggest few would be influencers like Devin Brugman and Beck Wadworth reaching out and wanting to support our business, the number of retailers asking us to stock the towels (even though we aren't wholesaling) and our friends who have seen the towels at the beach and immediately rung me to tell me about it. Also every time a customer emails, dms or instagrams the towels brightens my day. 

AN: This is so hard! There have been so many! Seeing the towels for the first time was such a surreal experience. We had traveled to Byron Bay for the first Public Figure campaign shoot when we received the final set of samples. When Bella started opening the boxes we were really emotional, finally holding the product of months of hard work. Also seeing them in so many photos of customers and influencers on instagram with their towels - as an artist it’s an amazing feeling to see something you’ve created being loved by people as much as you do. Art is a massive part of who I am so I still ‘pinch me’ moments whenever I see people with them!

PF influencers Beck Wadworth, Devin brugman

PF: What’s next for the two of you? 

BZ: Anisah has just launched a range of handmade ceramics stock at Public Figure. I am so amazed how far she’s come since creating a few pieces to display jewellery in the Public Figure pop up in March. People tried to buy them even though they were just display pieces. She has such raw talent - She can pick up a new craft, and master it in minutes. She has spent the last few months leaning and creating to get Blue figure to where it is today. 

We are also working on our next Public Figure collaboration but you’ll have to wait another year for that. 

AN: I am dedicating my time to my new ceramics brand Blue Figure. I am so excited to be working with Bella and Public Figure again in a new way. 


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