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Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season

Words by Jessica Eva for Public Figure | Artwork by Anisah Nasir for her exclusive Public Figure zodiac towel collaboration. 

When the sun enters the zone of freedom loving Sagittarius this month the mood shifts to optimism and adventure. Fellow fire signs such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are set to benefit most from the energy of this transit whilst on the flip side Gemini, Virgo and Pisces might struggle to ride the wave of this energetic shift.


Thanks to a particularly rocky last month with mercury retrograde doing what it does best to shake things up, the recent Scorpio season often can be experienced as a period of intensity thanks to it’s focused and sharp nature. Good news is you might start to feel a wave of freedom this month as Sagittarius arises a lighter mood and happy-go-lucky spirit! This next month is all about embracing new experiences, seeing the world through rose coloured glasses and giving in to your curious nature.


Sagittarius symbol – the archer, is representative of freedom. Saggies can be known for living life on the wild side, seeking energy from travel and learning through exploration. As a fire sign they do this with passion, although sometimes this enthusiasm for life can be a curse bringing about an opinionated and stubborn spirit. In counter to this their leading planet of Jupiter invites generosity, abundance, and luck.


If your leading sign is Sagittarius or just feeling a wave of optimism and itchy feet, channel this energy to venture out of your daily norm. If an adventure isn’t on the cards, a simple break from routine could be enough. Embrace possibility and just a little bit of disorder, trust in the good fortune of Sagittarius season.

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