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Words by Jessica Eva for Public Figure

Image by @rubyjhamilton

The new astrological year has commenced amongst a sobering cloud of the world’s recent events, shadowing it’s normal reflection of bright optimism. 2020 is a year that is asking us to consciously reshape our collective structure, and seek to redefine our priorities. With that in mind, the energy of pioneering Aries has stepped forward from March 21st to April 19th calling us to honour our own well being driven by an underlying desire to accomplish.

Aries is known to be the trendsetter, the innovator, someone who isn’t afraid to share their ideas and challenge the status quo. Being the first zodiac on the calendar it’s only fitting that they carry a sense of confidence and an internal fire of will, driving them forward. Lead by Mars – the planet of action, this sign fully embodies this planet’s guiding tenets of full-forced energy, survival instincts and sexual desires.

In 2020 Mars is giving off stronger than usual vibes, meaning your physical and mental energies are getting major boosts. You’ll feel a pull to look after your needs and do what’s good for you. It’s no surprise that everyone on IG that knows what’s good is obsessively talking about self care practises and starting at home workout regimes amongst the chaos of the moment. A fire sign, Aries has the tendency to ignite these desires causing us to passionately fight to put ourselves or our opinion first and act impulsively, which is something to be mindful of in times like these.

Particularly in this Aries season we have every reason to lean into this self-awareness, channelling mindfulness towards our own wellbeing as we have to maintain our distance from others. Accept this as time to be thoughtful of the daily practises that allow you feel close to self, and bring your attention back to your body. After all, this is for the good of everyone.

This surge of energy from Mars also leads to thoughts of potential. There’s a push to achieve and accomplish the things that make you happy- big or small. Normally this time  of year is one for achieving and ticking off that to-do list so amongst this year’s self isolation you’ll probably find accomplishments quite compelling and addictive. There’s plenty of work to be done and a burning will to check it off, just remember to balance this by allowing yourself to prioritise acts of care when needed.

Throughout this season Saturn will enter Aquarius, meeting a sense of discipline and boundaries with one of social consciousness. This alignment often conjures humanitarian disruption which comes as no surprise to hear. The shift will bring about a revolution that changes the course of our collective way of being. But if there’s any takeaway from this it’s that life, just like astrology, works in cycles. So whilst these energies have been stirred now, there will be an end to this cycle and the beginning of a new one on the horizon.

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