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Feeling lighter of late? It might be due to the fact that as of January 20 the sun moved into Aquarius, an air sign which (for lack of a better term) brings a breath of fresh air following the focused nature of Capricorn season.

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer and is said to take the watery emotions of the planet and transform them into the lightness of air. Forward thinkers, Aquarians are visionaries and in tune with the collective, making them the best natural leaders to take charge following the unsteady start to the year we have seen. Whilst last month’s Capricorn energy gave us drive to get our new year goals underway, Aquarius energy will embrace connection and new ways of thinking to ignite your inner circles and the broader community into action.

Aquarians are natural trendsetters, not afraid to express themselves without the constraints of what others might think of them. They’ll be the first to meet your quirky traits or left of centre ideas with the most excitement of all of your friends. There’s a duality here… while this sign is ruled by Uranus - planet of rebellion and the free-spirit, this sign is intrinsically linked to friendships and collaboration. This mindfulness of the collective mindset and detachment from individual dramas makes Aquarians natural humanitarians. 

In light of the events this year there is no better time to embrace Aquarius season and the sense of community it brings. Now is the time to focus on bringing people together, uniting for a common cause and looking for a fresh approach. With the planet of Venus sitting in Pisces this could encourage a real sense of questioning the status quo and sparking new ideas to make positive change.

You may already be feeling this pull to progressive thought and social justice. The only advice to follow is not letting passion take hold as this can also be quite an emotional time of year leading to hiccups due to conflicting ideas. This season is great for learning so practise your communication skills without letting personal biases or past assumptions about others get in the way of progression for the common good.

There’s a real underlying positivity to this time of year, think of it as the ‘winds of change’. Find creative ways to reconnect to existing friends and bring people together whether your goal is to save the world or simply get through a bottle of vino!

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